A daring robbery in London

Criminals will stop at nothing with their horrific activities
7 June 2013 is a date which will be remembered by many people working in London as the day in which six heavily armed robbers fitted with burkas entered into a department store armed with axes and they boldly shattered glass exhibition cabinets and they took off with a large amounts of jewelry. This was an extremely traumatic experience for many shoppers who literally ran for their lives. This is yet another example of the audacity and the daring exhibited by these criminals. They are more than willing to take extraordinary risks in a total disregard for the safety of bystanders in order to enrich themselves. The reality is that we are living in violent times where law enforcement is simply no longer an adequate deterrent against violent crime. Thousands of lives are lost annually due to criminal activity. Even the penitentiary systems in this country seems to be more preferable to criminals than the social economic conditions which exist in many parts of this country.
Total disregard for the sanctity of human life
We are living in times when the slightest exhibition of financial well-being might put people at risk and could make them viable targets for criminals. There are many petty criminals who will frighten people with knives for the contents of their wallets or in order to take their cell phones. And these criminals have absolutely no problem with the use of violence and murder does not present any problem to them in fact it makes it easier to commit the robbery. The irony is that current law enforcement resources are simply not sufficient to prevent all of the criminal activities which are committed within the city. Every person will therefore have to take responsibility for their own physical well-being and they should do everything possible to stay away from any situation which may place them in harm’s way.
Do not take any risk with your safety
Do not allow yourself to become a victim of criminal activity and before you do anything carefully consider the possible risks which may be encountered and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself against a possible robbery or other physical threats. Do not be foolish by thinking that you are immune against these things because a quick look at crime statistics will prove emphatically that criminals could strike unexpectedly and suddenly.

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