A daring robbery

The element of surprise
A couple of years ago I was employed as an assistant site manager at a company that was involved in the rolling stock industry. They were involved in the manufacturing of new heavy duty electrical locomotives and also in the renovation of well used coaches. Now the manufacturing of new electrical locomotives require a substantial amount of copper wire and as most people knew copper are a valuable commodity and could fetch a high price if one has the correct contacts. One morning as we were going about our business approximately eight armed robbers gained access to the premises and before anyone could resist we were all rounded up and tied up with cable ties. There was nothing which we could do since the company had a policy that no firearms were allowed on the premises and therefore we had no other option but cooperate.
Brutal treatment
Although we were already tied up we were nevertheless assaulted and pepper spray was used on us as well as a power based fire extinguisher were used which almost suffocated us. We were tied up for two hours while the thieves took tons of copper. Even though it was clear from the way in which this robbery was accomplished that it had to be an inside job, until today the crime has not been solved and the criminals are still walking free. This just illustrates that even with the most sophisticated security measures there will always be someone who will be able to find the weak point in those adopted measures and who will find a way to neutralize them. This is frequently illustrated in movies and other crime related TV programs.
Carefully evaluate all the risks
Thinking back there were several things which were not given the proper attention that it deserved. If the services of a proper security consultant were obtained I am certain that there were many things which could have been done to increase the security of the premises. In fact only after the robbery took place were certain measures introduced to deal with some of the most obvious threats. Just a pity, that they came too late to make a difference for us on the night of the robbery. However regardless of the measures that are in place it will require significant improvisation to deal with an unknown threat factor. Therefore specialized training and constantly maintained discipline are some of the most important considerations in dealing with unexpected criminal activities.

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