A horrific kidnapping

The story of the Russian orphan Masha
Masha was staying in a Russian orphanage when she was adopted by an American man. No attempt was made to investigate the person applying for this adoption despite the fact that he was divorced and no follow-up visits was ever done in order to ensure that this young girl was treated properly. This was basically a kidnapping since the young lady was taken under false pretenses. The moment this young girl came under the guardianship of this man he immediately started to abuse her sexually and he even used her for Internet pornography. The only mistake which he made was that he used this young girl too much and the police became suspicious and eventually a nationwide inquiry was done with the help of CNN. The photos of this young lady was digitally edited to remove her out of the photos so that people have a better chance to recognize the place where the photos were taken. In this way the hotel where she was kept has been located and she was eventually rescued by police.
Kidnappings happen regularly all over the world
Just last year over 200 young girls were kidnapped in Nigeria by an Islamist organization and those young girls were then married to followers of Islam. Very little consideration was given to the terrible trauma which was suffered by families and friends of those young girls. Then there are also the pirates of Somalia who are hijacking huge ships as well as their crews and passengers and then demand large ransoms for those people and those ships. For many people kidnapping is simply another way to earn a living regardless of the legal considerations relating to those actions. There is a well-known movie that was made about this young boy who has been kidnapped and has been kept a prisoner for seven years before he managed to escape. However the trauma relating to this situation has seriously affected his brother who later became the Yosemite serial killer.
Personal safety starts with you
In order to watch over every single person with in the UK 24 hours a day would be totally impossible since it simply would be too expensive and it would require a personal bodyguard for every single citizen. Therefore totally eliminating kidnapping from happening is virtually impossible if people are not going to take responsibility for their own actions and their own decisions and where they choose to go at any specific time.

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