A Security Officer’s Diversified Roles

As crime rises and criminals become more resourceful, so should security companies; having a security presence whether it is merely surveillance cameras, or a strategic security solution, these have always been a requirement for any business concern wishing to deter criminal attacks on their properties; but as we devise modern security measures and systems to combat them, criminals soon to adopt methods around them. It is why here at One Staff Solutions we have a dedicated department whose exclusive responsibilities are to explore and formulate innovations in our methods to combat would be criminals and remains steps ahead of them.

Security officers have many diverse obligations, dependant on the security company that engages them and their assignments. A lot of their obligations and duties are rather varied from those of the police force. Their role is primarily to protect and be diligent in the fight against would be criminals. Additionally the guard’s objectives are to make assure that property and equipment of their client is not pilfered, damaged or vandalised.

There are security guards that are located at the lobby of the building or sitting behind a desk performing concierge duties as well as security. Their main aim is to make certain that no unauthorised individual gets in the establishment. In many cases staffs are obligated to produce their identification badge to the security officer whilst entering the building. Security officers also make sure the people entering have legitimate business within the building. Delivery personnel, maintenance or visitors are normally required to enter their names, time of arrival and purpose of visit. This procedure is designed to keep unauthorised individuals from roaming around the premises with the possible intent to cause damage or even to pilfering goods or equipment.

Our security guards are required to make their foot patrols inside and around the facility during their shift. The times that these are carried out differs from day to day, so that would be criminals cannot assume a pattern. Such patrols are aimed at certain areas of a building or facilities to make certain that no intruders have gained access, officers are required insure that gates, fences and doorways are secured while the property is closed after business hours; also make certain that there is no suspicious activity has taking place.

Today, security guards are becoming an increasing requirement for most large and medium business concerns. Theft, vandalism and burglary continue to rise daily and businesses are increasingly turning to specialist security companies such as One Staff Solutions to advert potential organised threats.

Engaging a professional and reliable security gives you an edge against criminals, our security officers could be placed on a static basis or could just be employed to make arbitrary checks for activity around your facilities.  We have a solution for all requirements

One Staff Solutions officers are fully committed to their given profession, reliable, dependable and highly experienced; they fulfil the task of protecting your property, assets and personnel. And as is required by legislation they are licensed to meet the SIA requirements.

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