A very cunning lady thief

A successful female con artist
In 1844 Annie Reilly were a well-known female con artist who were especially active in New York and she has managed to accomplish some amazing feats during her criminal career. It is said that she was generally gauged to be younger than she truly was and also that she was a particularly intelligent woman that was speaking at least three languages. She was particularly successful in getting employment looking after the children of rich people where after she quickly established an excellent relationship with the lady of the house normally by frequent compliments about the children. However within two or three days after she has arrived in a particular home she would steal anything she could lay her hands on and disappear. She managed to do this on several occasions and became a household name in various areas surrounding New York.
No matter how ingenious things will go wrong
Despite a natural talent for committing crimes she was apprehended three times and served prison sentences ranging between three and five years. Despite these judgments she always returned to her criminal activities and she was in fact a member of a group of successful female criminals. They even have regular meetings where they discussed some of the successes which were achieved by the group. Although she was a citizen of Ireland she came to New York at the relatively young age where she obtained employment which was primarily in childcare and especially in the homes of affluent people. She was widely acknowledged as one of the cleverest female criminals of her time and she has managed to have a long and successful career despite her three brushes with the long arm of the law.
A lady borne to crime
There can be no doubt that Annie Reilly had the potential to make a success of most things if she had put the mind into it. She could have very well been a successful business woman or a contributor to the medical profession or even an attorney. However her first choice was always to be a criminal and she remained faithful to that career choice throughout her entire life. It is amazing that one person with so much obvious talent could decide that the best way in which to make use of that potential is to investigate in a life of criminal activity. But the reality is that most of the brightest minds on this planet are engaged daily in enriching themselves often to the detriment of their victims.

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