Abuse in the Workplace: What Role can Corporate Security Play?

Workplace abuse has risen, into possibly one the most significant risk issues facing corporate security companies today. Security companies such as One Staff Solutions has a incomparable contribution to make in assisting business organisations to fulfil their responsibility for the guardianship of its staff and clients; and to anticipate, prevent and respond to all workplace violence incidents.

Risk Assessment

The first function of a corporate security company is to carry out a concentrated risk assessment and to identify the nature and extent of the workplace abuse and the potential for such incidences to occur throughout the organisation’s entire operations.

The objective of the possibility of workplace abuse appraisal substantiates if any, the prevailing possibility of abuse threats and to appraise the effectiveness of any present policies. And to distinguish if any supplemental controls are required to fortify the present workplace anti abuse policies.

The appraisal will call attention to the most fundamental workplace abuse concerns for the business; the next step would be to develop a strategy to eliminate or minimise those risks.


With workplace abuse the most basic target for the business administration is to prevent it. How to accomplish this is to have in place an all-embracing workplace abuse prevention program.

The most frequent mistakes created inside numerous organisations is instigating an anti abuse procedure, without initially carrying out an exhaustive appraisal. The result of such, would give the information needed to develop a potent and justifiable policy.

For the corporate security company, the capacity of the anti-abuse policy is critical. And care should be taken in scoping it; to insure that their staffs are able to report their worries with the assurance that it will remain confidential.

The inclusion of harassment behaviours such as; intimidation and bullying within the anti abuse policy will provide the organisation with the improved capacity to recognize an early warning sign thus preventing the escalation of incidences to abuse or in the worse case violence. Having established an suitable and appropriate procedure, there remains the task of implementation to see to it that a workplace anti abuse program is in place. Corporate security companies such as One Staff Solutions are experienced to direct the execution of risk alleviation methods to the business.

Apart from enforcing the anti abuse policies business administrators ought to take measures to assure that a suitable reaction in the consequence of a factual or impending instance of abuse to any of its staff and clients. Within the policies there ought to be procedures to deal with the impact of abuse and ensure that there are pertinent reactions to, workplace abuse incidents.

Predictable areas of employment are known to be “high risk” for workplace abuse, this includes health care, retail sector and welfare services, but of course there are many others.Positions such as reception and sales staffs are among the most common to receive abuse from irate clients and customers. Employee terminations are also widely related with the risk of abuse.

One of the areas frequently neglected is the requirement to formulate a specialised counselling and education to supervisors and administration these positions feature a crucial function in supervising the work surroundings. Addressing complaints and taking the action prescribed in the anti abuse procedure and policy.

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