Angels of death

When one person decides to take matters into their own hands
There have been many Angels of death that has operated specifically in hospitals where they were taking care of terminal patients. Such angels of death who are often a nurse or a medical doctor have easy access to such a terminal patient and are therefore not a suspect when such a terminal patient suddenly expires. They are certain types of anesthetics that are virtually untraceable when they are injected into such a terminal patient especially because traces of these chemicals are expected in the patient after an operation. Detecting such an overdose could therefore be virtually impossible unless some evidence is found that points to irregularities. Sometimes such an angel of death get careless and therefore too many patients expire which could lead to the discovery of the identity of that person.
Investigating unnatural deaths
Most of these deaths will be investigated by a licensed medical examiner in cooperation with a homicide detective. Some of the larger hospitals may even have their own in-house medical detectives that might be used to investigate such situations as discreetly as possible and without compromising the reputation of such a hospital. Private detectives and investigators may also be called upon to investigate some of the suspects after an agreement has been signed that the matter will be kept confidential. There has been Angels of death that have been active over many years and who have terminated many patients before they are eventually apprehended. These people are a law unto themselves and they often operate in the firm belief that the person are suffering unnecessary and will be better off dead.
Detection of such an angel of death could be difficult
When such a person is part of the medical staff it can be extremely difficult to identify the culprit. There are many people who are performing specific duties which require them to enter into the room of a patient. This will include medical doctors, nurses and even housekeeping staff. Although the latter are not normally expected to possess the necessary knowledge to perpetuate such an act there are today so much information available on the Internet where the necessary knowledge can be obtained so that these Angels of death could often be the most difficult to discover. It will require less than 30 seconds to inject some chemical agent into the IV line of a patient and depending on the specific chemical agent that criminal act may never be discovered.

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