Another daring robbery

At the Piccadilly Circus branch of Barclays
Apparently a man walked into the bank in broad daylight and threw a bag onto the counter where after he shouted at the cashier to hand over the money. When a security guard approached the man he told the security guard to stay away or he will slap him. The guard backed down and told the men to go on. An eyewitness told reporters how surprised she was because the man did not even cover his face and therefore she was convinced that he had to be on the drugs because he did not act logically. After the robbery the man ran down the street while he dropped coin drawers. This must be one of the most audacious criminal acts which has been contemplated in the city of London for some time. And the fact that even the security measures which the bank had in place were not sufficient to prevent this act from taking place is equally troublesome. When the eyewitness saw what was happening she fled at the first opportunity but she could have been easily held hostage by the bank robber.
People always have to be vigilant
If you are not even safe inside your bank during the day when there are security guards on duty then you also are not safe at home or elsewhere. People need to do a lot more to ensure their own personal safety and before you enter any business or other premises you should ensure that such a building is reasonably safe. Never automatically assume that because the establishment that you are visiting is reputable that your safety are therefore ensured. Criminals are also fond of reputable establishments and they regularly target those places because those places are perceived as easy targets that could ensure profitable robberies.
Be careful where you sent your children
In my childhood my parents often send me to the local shop to buy necessities such as bread and milk. But today I will think twice before I send my children anywhere. Not long ago a woman was raped and stabbed with a knife about 400 m from where we are staying. I know of two cases recently where pedestrians have been stabbed with knifes by robbers only for their cell phones and their cigarettes. What will criminals do next, we simply do not know and that is why we should do everything possible to ensure the safety of our families.

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