Approved and SIA Licensed Officers

What is an SIA Approved Contractor?

It constitutes the accredited basic operational requirements for any security company.
It pertains to the procedures that the company uses to administer the company’s services. It dictates systematised control of their procedures ensuring that the demands and requirements of their clients are fulfilled. It is designed to enforce specifically to a comprehensive list of services provided by security companies.

To meet the basic criteria required is easy, but we believe that we should go further in fulfilling the requirements of our clients. Being able to react to situation is admirable, but it is far more desirable to be proactive and in control of possible situations that may arise.

To fulfil these aims, we concentrate in dealing with the security requirements of our clients and understand their needs.
We consider that effective security is an achievable aspiration that can be accomplished by tenacious dedication to organised instruction, planning and adeptness to finding solutions.

Resolving the most difficult of situations demands the most adept personnel. We believe that our staff are drawn to the chance to work at the most arduous of problems. We train our officers and have structured our company around this opinion. This has been the ethos that One Staff Solutions was based upon,
Systematically we have adopted this to achieve our goals. some of the values that we held dear by our company and officers are;

All our procedures are well known by our officers.

  • Integrity and honesty of our officers
  • Exceptional service reliability
  • Most important, is our commitment to continuous improvement

During 2001 a new law was introduced governing the private security industry. To achieve accreditation companies were required to be vetted and regulated by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) enforcing standards that were required to be met by all security companies. Applying for this authorised contractor status enabled our company to be accessed. Our staffs were to be vetted, and required many stringent checks.

As previously stated to achieve the basic standards was easy. But we at One Staff Solutions wanted to be among one of the leaders in our industry and go beyond the British standard regulations.


The Security Industry Authority regulations have helped us become one of the leaders in our industry. But it is our officers that are the nucleus of our business. Without their untiring efforts and commitment to their task, we would be just another security company.

All our protection guards are accomplished perceivers paying attention to details. They are also competent to relate those particulars in a comprehensible and concise fashion either transcribed or verbally. With calm a cool head and the ability to reach conclusions in a crisis situation.

These are just some grounds why you ought to contact us first, prior to selecting a company to oversee your protection and security of your business, staff and clients.

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