Becoming a UK security guard

What qualifications is necessary?

Most registered security companies in London will require UK security guards which has been trained by SIA and also military or by some kind of law enforcement agency. If such training has not been received by a person there are also various security training facilities that can provide training to this prospective UK security guard which will be more than sufficient to prepare them for their career in the security industry. Anyone who has been in the security industry for a decade or longer will know that it can be a bit boring at times and especially so during night shifts. However an increasing number of  UK security guard companies understand this and therefore an increasing number of companies are now implementing some kind of clocking system which requires a patrolling guard to complete a certain number of patrols during their night shift. This ensures that the UK security guard remains busy but it does not necessarily make the job more exciting.

What security guards could expect?

It sometimes happens that the single UK security guard is working at a business where they are entirely alone for 12 hours and this kind of circumstances may not suit every prospective UK security guard. Although everyone understands the importance to be vigilant, disciplined and to stay aware of everything that is happening on the premises where such security guard has been stationed, things can become a little tedious at times, because it may happen that a month or two goes by without any serious incidents, and this could lead to a situation where a UK security guard lose their edge. They are no longer expecting a criminal to come around and therefore they lower their guard and this is when conditions become very favorable for criminals.

How to select a UK security guard?

To be really successful as a security guard requires a specific mindset, attitude and personality. People who have been very successful during their military careers and who have enjoyed the excitement accompanied by adrenaline rushes often cannot handle the tediousness associated with the average security job. Although these people were excellent fighting soldiers they are simply not the best candidates to serve as UK security guards. It takes more than military training to succeed as a UK security guard. This does not mean that training can be excluded, the truth is that without the necessary training a person will not be able to execute their duties as a professional UK security guard.

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