Body guards in London (UK) – What does a bodyguard do?

Body guards in London (UK) –  What does a bodyguard do?

They do a complete analysis of the risk profile of the client and then they create a security system which will provide the most adequate protection for the client and in order to accomplish this body guards in London will be required that have been extensively trained in all aspects of bodyguard duties and they should have an adequate amount of experience in this industry. They will have to analyze the daily routine of the client and in most cases that will start at the home of the client. Body guards in London will have to carefully analyze the property of the client and any weaknesses which could be exploited by criminal perpetrators will require special attention. Changes will have to be made or those sensitive areas will have to be patrolled frequently in order to ensure that they are not exploited by enemies of the client.

What about traveling?

Most clients will be either businessman, celebrities or politicians and they will mostly use a specific route for travelling between their homes and their offices and once again bodyguards in London will have to know that route very well and they need to be aware of possible witnesses which could be exploited as they travel between point A and B. The client will always be vulnerable when traveling because it is especially at those time when they are on the road that they will be surrounded by so many unknowns aimed it will be especially during these times that body guards in London will have to be especially vigilant and observant in order to identify possible threats as quickly as possible.

What about the office?

The office although slightly safer than the route which is used for travel will still not provide the same protection as the family home of the client where strangers will not be welcome. Because the office is a place of business body guards in London will not be able to have complete control over the people who may be able to gain access to the premises. Nevertheless body guards in London will have to find a way to make that premises as secure as possible by ensuring that every person entering the premises has a valid reason to be there. They could do body searches and hand baggage could be x-rayed in order to eliminate as much as possible any advantage which a person coming on to the premises may have.

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