Body guards in London

This profession has been glorified by the entertainment industry

The reality is that 95% of the time a body guard does things that may not be considered exciting. Any experienced body guards in London will know that this job requires a person to remain vigilant for long hours because you simply do not know when a situation may develop which could place the client in jeopardy. It can be difficult to guard against complacency when things are going smoothly for very long periods of time and this could make it very difficult to remain prepared for sudden eventualities. This requires a person with a very specific mindset and personality. Although these people will be needed to be competent in the use of firearms and also in unarmed combat this constitutes only a very small part of their responsibilities but even more important than these mentioned skills these people should have a highly sensitive awareness of their immediate environment and they should be instantly able to identify a possible threat to their clients. Once such a threat has been identified a bodyguard has to respond instantly and they have to take the correct decision and the correct action in order to eliminate the threat which has been revealed. This will require bodyguard in London professionals that has been extensively trained and who has sufficient expertise with in this industry.

Response time is vital

Prince Charles was recently involved in an incident where the response time of his bodyguards has been dangerously slow. If the person who has been involved in this incident has been better trained the consequences could have been very ghastly. Any experienced body guards in London know that all the skills in the world will be of little value if such a bodyguard is not able to act in the correct fashion when a threat reveals itself. It does not matter whether the bodyguard is a martial arts expert, if they do not possess the ability to accurately assess the situation and to take the correct action in those circumstances. The truth is that a professional assassin will in favorable conditions require less than a second to reveal themselves and to make a successful strike. In theory this is already placing body guards in London at a disadvantage because it can be very difficult to identify such a professional assassin and especially one that has been trained in using disguises. This is why it is so important to be able to make an accurate assessment of the environment and to act instantaneously when something out of the ordinary are observed.

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