Bodyguards in London (UK)

What is happening in the industry?

When it comes to bodyguards in London, there can be no doubt that there are many highly professional bodyguards most of them with a background in the military or in law enforcement and also with extensive additional training. However an increasing number of bodyguards is today employed primarily as a status symbol with only one purpose and that is to make their clients look good. Hundreds of celebrities is now competing with each other for the title of best looking bodyguards or something similar. This is casting bodyguards in London and elsewhere on the planet in a whole new way, because in a sense they have now become part of the world of glamour and after such exposure over several years, will this bodyguard still be able to provide maximum protection.

What is the psychological impact?

I am not saying that celebrities does not need bodyguards in London, because it is a well-known fact that large crowds of supporters, can become somewhat enthusiastic when they encounter their celebrity in a public place and this can sometimes lead to a dangerous situation for that celebrity. The question is does such a situation compare with a high profile operation where there is a professional hit man which is hunting for your client? Will bodyguards in London who have been working with celebrities for a decade or two still have that killer instinct, when it comes to protecting their client against a professional assassin? Everyone knows that the world of glamour and entertainment can have a corrupting influence and surviving in that world will require a completely different set of skills.

How to succeed on the job?

The genuine bodyguard, who is protecting clients with genuine and legitimate threats over a decade or two will have their skills honed and they will almost develop a six sense, where they can literally smell danger in a particular situation and they automatically act in such a way, that most of the danger is averted and the perpetrators is left with no other choice but to improvise. Professional bodyguards in London is among the elite in the global industry and many of them were even members of covert military units. Before making a final decision regarding bodyguards in London, it is important to do extensive research regarding what is available in the industry and then to only do business with bodyguards companies who have proven themselves over many years and even decades.

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