Bodyguards Services in London

One of the oldest guard services in the world
During the 15th century the Pontifical Swiss guard was established by Pope Sixtus IV and he even proceeded to build barracks in Via Pellegrino to prove his commitment in using these Swiss mercenaries. It was the Swiss Guard that has served as guards at foreign European courts since the late 1500s. The Swiss mercenaries were often included in the Armies of various countries because the Swiss mercenaries were famous soldiers for hundreds of years and they were renowned for their discipline, their loyalty and their revolutionary battle strategies. In fact during the 15th century they were considered the most powerful military troops on the planet. Bodyguard’s services in London are also well trained and experienced professionals who are totally committed to the safety of their clients.
The importance of training
All recruits to the Papal guard must be committed Catholics who have completed their training in the Swiss Army and who are able to produce certificates of good conduct. They must also be single males who has at least completed their high school training or a diploma course and should be 174 cm or higher. After 1981 with the attempt on the life of the Pope more emphasis was placed on unarmed combat and also training with small arms. They are one of the few units on the planet that still have swords as part of their uniform but they also make use of modern pistols such as the SIG and Glock. Likewise bodyguard services in London are meticulously trained in all aspects of combat in order to ensure that any client for whom they are responsible are protected as well as possible.
Bodyguard services is not merely a career but a lifetime commitment
Bodyguard services in London know that when you become a bodyguard you become responsible for the life of someone else. This is a very serious commitment when you become your brother’s keeper. Not everyone are cut out for this responsibility since it requires a very special mindset and attitude to be successful in this very important profession. Although special training courses could teach a bodyguard some important facts about the protection of clients but there are some people that seems to have a natural talent and an ability to excel in this career choice. The problem with bodyguard services is that you never know when a very normal situation can deteriorate into a life-threatening situation.


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