British security companies

What is the purpose?

British security companies will mostly be the deployed in areas where criminal activities is expected to take place and there they will have to maintain a visible presence, through patrolling of the area and through their presence in central points in the city because it is a well-known fact that criminals will avoid areas where there is a visible security presence because of the obvious risks involved, because the possibility of discovery is so much greater. Areas which is especially sensitive to criminal activities will always be the harbors and these areas is typically very difficult to secure because there is so much movement taking place of both people and property and it can be very difficult for British security companies to identify criminals who may be active in this area.

How bad is the situation?

Statistics clearly show that thousands of crimes takes place in the UK every year and despite the best efforts of law enforcement and British security companies, thousands of crimes is reported every single day, from things such as shoplifting, pickpocketing and physical assault and many other illegal activities is very much a part of living in the UK. The problem is that law enforcement agencies cannot be everywhere and likewise British security companies is unfortunately limited in how much they can accomplish and therefore British security companies depend very heavily on the support of the general public to provide them with vital information regarding possible crimes taking place. The war on crime may never be won completely because unfortunately there is some bad in every one of us, some people is just able to suppress the bad side more effectively.

What is the role of the SIA?

Every single British security company is required by law to register with the SIA which is the governing body for the entire security industry in the UK. They are responsible to ensure that all security companies that is registered with them maintain a minimum level of security. This is to ensure that the services which is provided to the public and to businesses is at an adequate level. Before the SIA was formed there were many British security companies that were providing very low levels of security resulting in very negative consequences because there was no government oversight over the industry. That has changed with the introduction of the SIA and therefore businesses should ensure that they only work with British security companies who has been registered with the SIA.

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