Building security in London (UK)

What about vacant buildings?


Building security in London often come into contact with people who take advantage of vacant properties in the city of London. Many of these people make themselves guilty of squatting which is simply the act where a person enters an abandoned property without permission from the owner and then lives there. The problem is that the squatters can do a large amount of damage to such a property and in 2005 a large group of squatters moved into in an empty police station. These people was then granted permission to stay for four months. Building security in London knows exactly how hard it can be for a property owner to have squatters evicted and this is why they have to do everything possible to prevent those people from entering in the first place.

What about the residential areas?


It is illegal in the UK to squat in a residential area but this is not the case when it comes to commercial properties. It is in these commercial areas where building security in London have to really be vigilant in order to avoid a difficult situation for the property owner. Over the years it has been seen that there are many squatters which is incredibly organized and surprising they know exactly what their rights is as far as accommodation is concerned. They will exploit every article in the law to protect themselves against possible eviction. It is especially in the central parts of London where building security in London have to do everything in their ability to protect those properties for which they are responsible. Homeless people will not hesitate to occupy any property where there is no security visible.

What can be done?


Every attempt has to be made to secure an abandoned property as effectively as possible. Then it will be necessary to obtain the services of building security in London so that they can maintain a visible presence on and around that property in an attempt to discourage illegal squatters. Squatters should be kept away from the property at all costs because it has been seen repeatedly that once they’ve gained access to that property it can be very difficult to have them removed and doing so can be a lengthy and costly process and while this is taking place and lot of damage could be done to the property. This is why building security in London have to do everything possible to prevent such a situation from taking place.







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