Building security in London (UK)

Building security in London (UK) – What an empty buildings?

Only a couple of years ago a police station in London was vacated because new premises has been acquired and because there were no building security employed at that old police station that building was quickly hijacked by vagrants and loiterers. Because of the sensitivity of that situation these people were not immediately removed but alternative housing was eventually found for them and they were relocated. Building security in London is frequently employed to secure such old properties and to prevent a situation where people become illegal squatters since this very often leads to severe damage to such a property especially when plumbing and wiring is removed and sold for cash. Such damage can quickly run into millions of pounds and that is why building security is essential in order to secure your valuable property.

Why do people see these properties as safe havens?

Although the UK have a relatively healthy economy unemployment is still at 5.6% which converts to a couple of million unemployed people of whom some are in a really desperate situation and therefore they will not hesitate to occupy empty properties just to have a roof over their heads. Unfortunately those basic needs soon turn to criminal activities when they start to realize the value of the infrastructure in such a building. This is why a large commercial or residential property should never be left unattended but it is a lot better to have such a property secured by building security in London. When calculations is made it quickly becomes apparent that the cost of building security is often a lot less than the repair costs which may be necessary to get such a property back on standard.

What is the solution?

There are thousands of reputable building security companies in London who are fully aware of the problem which exists in relation to empty properties and these people are well-trained and they have the necessary expertise to take care of your vacant property. Do not allow vagrants to vandalize your valuable property because if effective steps is not taken such a property can be turned into a heap of rubble in a very short time. In a worst-case scenario the cost of repairs which has been caused by vagrants could be so high that it simply is no longer cost effective to have such a building repaired. Building security really makes perfect sense since it will certainly prevent a lot of unnecessary damage to your property.
















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