Close Protection in London

Close protection requires a very specific mindset
Just think back to the Kennedy assassination, here was a US president surrounded by Secret Service agents and yet the perpetrators of this crime not only managed to kill the president but also to get away with that crime. Yes I know there have been many debates relating to this event over the last couple of decades but there are still many of the eyewitnesses that were present that day that maintain that investigators have largely ignored vital information and many of the eyewitnesses has never been called to testify at those hearings. Close protection in London specialists are a peculiar breed of professional that are living on the edge each and every day of their lives. Although some of the operations wherein they may be involved are basically precautionary measures requested by those clients but there are still that one or 2% where there is a very realistic chance of encountering a possible strike.
90% of close protection is waiting and guarding
There is nothing glamorous about patiently persisting in a close protection operation where apparently nothing is happening and there are no distinguishable threat against the client but you are still expected to remain on guard and to be ready at all times to deal with new developments. This kind of operation requires discipline, patients and an eye for detail. People requiring special protection should only work with close protection in London specialists who have been extensively trained and that are very experienced in this very important function of close protection. The reality is that it is not always the heroes that have foiled an attack against a client and who have been commended for their actions that are necessarily the best close protection professionals. Mostly it is those close protection specialists that remain unobtrusive and who’s first priority is the total safety of the client and not the possible rewards of success.
When the threat is revealed swift action is required
A close protection in London specialists may be on the job for many hours with absolutely no threat in sight and suddenly all hell could break loose. 90% of the job is unceasing concentration, vigilance and discipline but once a situation is encountered immediate action should be taken to firstly protect the client and secondly to eliminate the threat which has revealed itself. The close protection specialists are effectively holding the lives of the client in their hands and the problem with this kind of job is that there mostly are no second chances.

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