Close Protection in London

Prevention is the name of the game
The primary purpose of close protection will always be the complete protection and well-being of the client. However because catastrophe can come from absolutely any direction and at a time when no immediate medical care may be available and therefore it is important that all close protection operators are also certified first aid officers. Most fully accredited security training colleges and especially those who are associated with close protection in London will include first aid training in their curriculum. The very nature of close protection signifies that this is a profession which is required because of a possible threat against the client and we all know the saying that those who live by the sword will also die by the sword in other words this is a profession where in close protection specialists could quite possibly encounter acts of violence which will require first aid.
The vital need to be acquainted with risk and threat assessment procedures
The thing wherewith a close protection specialist will be occupied for 90% of the duration of any operation will be risk and threat assessment. Close protection in London specialists understand this very important distinction and they also know that when risk assessment is done correctly then there are an excellent chance of succeeding with a specific operation. However when vital signs are ignored or overlooked the result could very well be loss of life or very serious physical injury. This is by no means something which could be learned in a single module and that is because there are so many things which could develop into a serious threat and this requires close protection specialists to be subjected to continual training in order to extend their experience in this vital profession.
Close protection will always be a team effort
No matter how skilled a specific individual might be within the close protection in London environment there are simply no place with in this critical environment for Lone Ranger’s. The logistics behind every successful close protection operation will require a team effort where several highly skilled individuals contribute to the success of the operation. This is why anyone who is interested in becoming a close protection operator will be assessed in order to determine whether they are qualified to function as part of a close-knit team. This is vital in order to ensure that the client receives the absolute best close protection service available.

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