Close Protection in London

Truly effective protection requires a reaction time of one second
There was recently an incident in Australia where a person made an attempt to attack prince Charles and video footage which have been scrutinized afterwards have clearly indicated that reaction time of the bodyguards responsible for Prince Charles was almost 4 seconds. This allowed the perpetrator to fire a shot from a starting pistol then ran onto the stage before security personnel were able to apprehend this man. In the close protection in London industry a perfect reaction time is one second or less. It is simply unacceptable that highly trained close protection specialists who are responsible for the safety of the Royal family are taking so long to take decisive action. This incident has been criticized out of many corners and hard questions have been asked that has still not been completely answered. There can be no doubt that a threat can come from the most unexpected quarters but even then any reaction time of two seconds or more are simply not acceptable.
This is why close protection specialist are carefully selected
A good mother carefully watches over her newborn baby and at the slightest little sound she immediately react and she does everything possible to resolve the situation. She will give her life to prevent any harm from falling upon her baby. A professional close protection specialist has basically the same mindset but they will also have the necessary skills to protect the client even if extensive force have to be used to ensure the safety of the client. Close protection in London specialists are a peculiar breed of individuals who are specifically chosen for their specific character traits and mindset and then these people are extensively trained to analyze any potential harmful situation and to act in a split-second to avert the danger that are detected.
A slow reaction time could put the client in grave danger
There can be no doubt that if the person that jumped onto the stage where Prince Charles was standing were a professional hit man the Prince would have been dead today. Such a professional assassin would have been able to kill his target with seconds to spare. A member of the Royal family could have been lost. This is exactly why close protection in London companies recruit only the best close protection specialists and they then continue to train these people to the point where mistakes are simply not made anymore.

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