Close protection in London (UK)

What is happening in the industry?

About a year ago there was an incident involving Prince Charles, where a person was able to get very close to the Prince while he was delivering a speech and this has raised the question about reaction times among close protection in London experts. Everyone was in total agreement, that the incident should have never taken place and that no one should be able to get that close to a target. The security detail should have been able to identify the perpetrator a lot quicker and then necessary step should have been taken to neutralize the threat a lot sooner. This is why close protection in London specialists is trying to stay acutely aware of their environment and to immediately identify possible threats and to take the correct steps that may be necessary.

What should be done?

It is important to carefully screen all applicants, who desire to become close protection in London operators. Not everyone has the essential skills, characteristics and mindset to be successful in this industry. Even well-trained military or law enforcement personnel, may not necessarily have all of the required skills to become successful as close protection in London specialists. It is actually completely possible for someone to come of the street, without any military or law enforcement training and to still become incredibly successful as a close protection in London operator. Some people are simply naturally born close protection operators, who will only require limited training in order to ensure that they are ready to take responsibility for a client who may be needing protection. However many applicants simply do not have the required goods.

What is at stake?

A large portion of close protection operations which is taken on in the city of London is mostly routine work where there is often very little danger to the client. One example of this is celebrities who make use of close protection in London specialists, even though there may occasionally be a legitimate threat against such a celebrity, under most conditions they are relatively secure, although there may be exceptions. However there are certain political figures or high-ranking government employees that will always be viable targets for criminals or even terrorists. They will require a close protection in London specialist, who have been specifically trained to successfully deal with any situation which may be encountered during that protection operation. A bodyguard on this level fully understand the situation wherein they may find themselves.

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