Close protection in London UK

What is close protection?


A close protection specialists or sometimes referred to as a bodyguard could be someone in government employment or it can be someone who is employed by a private close protection in London company and they will be responsible to protect a single person or sometimes a group of people and in most cases this will be wealthy, public or other people who are important in political circles. Close protection in London will be required to protect these people from a whole range of threats such as assassination, threats of violence, kidnapping, harassment, assault, and theft of property and a whole range of other criminal actions. In most cases such a person or group of people who is responsible to protect a very important person is mostly referred to as the security detail of that person.

What is the difference between celebrities and national leaders?


The security detail of the Queen of Britain consist mostly of the Royal guard who is a regiment of professional people that has been highly trained in all aspects of close protection. They will be responsible to protect the Queen both at home and also while traveling because even after all these years the Queen is a very important political personage and should she fall victim to an assassination attempt this could have global consequences. On the other hand close protection in London will mostly be responsible for the protection of celebrities and their services will be aimed primarily at protecting those celebrities from their thousands of fans. Close protection in London is fully aware of the fact that when a celebrity appears in public thousands of people will gather around that celebrity which could become a volatile and dangerous situation.

How to choose those protection?


There are thousands of private individuals and also businesses who are posing as close protection in London specialists but the safest option will be to do some research and to speak to other people who have knowledge about the close protection industry. There are thousands of people who were formerly in law enforcement and also in the military who are now presenting themselves as close protection in London specialists and although they could certainly be effective bodyguards, it is nevertheless a well-known fact that to really excel as a bodyguard requires a very specific mindset and also specialized skills and this is something which the military or law enforcement does not necessarily teach you.





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