Close protection in London (UK)

What does a bodyguard do?


There are still many people were confused about the role of a bodyguard and they are also uncertain about what should be done when they need to hire such a professional such as a close protection in London specialists. Then there are also people who are themselves interested to become bodyguards but who may not be certain of exactly how to approach this matter. Close protection in London function differently from law enforcement because in most cases law enforcement is a reactionary measure while close protection in London is preventive. The reason for this should be obvious, if you are responsible for the safety of a client, you need to prevent anything from happening to them and therefore merely reacting to something which has already happened will serve no purpose at all.

How is this done?


Everything possible is done by close protection in London to determine the risk factor and then to find ways to manage it as effectively as possible. This is not the way in which law enforcement works because they will only be responding after they have received a complaint from someone. By this time the criminal is long gone but in most cases preventive measures may have been successful in securing people or property. This is why close protection in London is people who have been trained to identify possible risks and then to do everything possible to eliminate those risks and to ensure that the client will remain safe at all times day or night. This will require a lot of discipline, commitment and vigilance because you never know from which direction the next threat may come.

Why is visibility important?


Close protection in London as well as all security officers always need to be as visible as possible because research has clearly shown that this is one of the best deterrents against criminal action. Although this may not be able to deter professional assassins it will at least make it more difficult for those people to get to the client. Close protection specialists need to be able to constantly observe their surroundings and they should be very quick to identify any possible risk and then instant action needs to be taken to eliminate that risk and to ensure the safety of the client. It is the ability of close protection in London to act in a split second that has allowed them to effectively protect the client against attacks from criminals.






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