Close protection in London (UK)

Why do people need protection?


Organizations such as Isis is posing a very real threat to the safety and security of the citizens of Western countries but there is also an increasing threat against those people who are well-known and many celebrities have received threatening messages on Twitter and other social media sites and this is some indication why close protection in London is necessary to protect this people. London is not exempt from what is happening all over the globe and unfortunately the new system which is used by Isis makes it substantially more difficult to keep track of all the terrorists moving around from country to country. This is making the job of close protection in London specialists even more difficult because of the factor of the unknown and this is why they must remain alert at all times.

Why is Isis different?


With Al Qaeda there was a centralized command base and a central distribution point which allowed for better control of the movements of all active terrorists. But Isis is no longer concerned with specific targets but they will basically sanction any attack on any group of people or country and this is why fighting against this organization is significantly more difficult and this is why the job of close protection in London has become more difficult. The new strategy used by Isis has eliminated the need for constant communication and therefore it is more difficult to keep tabs on the organization. This is exactly why it has become very important for close protection in London to remain alert at all times and to ensure that everything is done to keep their clients as safe as possible.

What about reaction times?


Because of the new strategy which is used there is little or no warning of what is going to happen and therefore there is constantly the element of surprise and this will make it very difficult for close protection in London specialists to ensure the safety of their clients. They can be no doubt that the military, law enforcement and close protection in London specialists will have to do everything in their ability to adjust to the new strategy which is used by Isis but there can be no doubt that doing so will not be easy. This is just one of the reasons why the threat against the UK is now considered to be severe just one level below critical.

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