Commercial security in London (UK)

Why do criminals select your business?

There may be no visible signs that your business is protected and therefore criminals may be under the impression that your business is an easy target and once this has been determined they will not hesitate to exploit that weakness and unfortunately commercial security in London cannot be everywhere at the same time. Many business owners actually have electronic security measures such as alarm systems and cameras, but they have absolutely no signs on the exterior of that business that point out to criminals that electronic security measures is being used. It is simple mathematics, the fewer the obstacles for criminals, the more attractive does the target become. Commercial security in London frequently respond to complaints where basic security measures has not been implemented resulting in huge financial losses.

Is the front door visible?

The front doors of many commercial properties can only be viewed from a 60° angle or less and therefore any criminal may have sufficient time to tamper with the lock of that front door without being observed and this makes it significantly easier to gain access to the property and this is why commercial security in London advice business owners to keep this in mind when they select their premises. The front door of that business should be observable from a 180° angle so that there is absolutely no place for criminals to hide, thereby leaving them exposed as they tamper with that lock. Likewise any other signs, trees or any other obstacle which is providing cover for criminals, should be removed. Commercial security in London know from firsthand experience that when these guidelines is followed, businesses is a lot more secure.

What about the lifestyle of business owners?

We all believe that success in life should be rewarded, with that luxury home or with that expensive motorcar or costly jewelry, but unfortunately these rewards is attracting a lot of attention from many people and especially from criminals. Commercial security in London often react to complaints where criminals admit that they have noticed the obvious affluence of business owners and this is why they have targeted that business. This is why, toning down those obvious signs of success can actually result in less problems with criminals in the area. Commercial security in London is advising business owners, to place themselves in the shoes of criminals and to start thinking as criminal do and by doing this a lot off unnecessary problems could possibly be avoided.

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