Concerns over the next generation of surveillance cameras

Sophisticated cameras that are able to distinguish and tag facial profiles from great distances, could transgress our individual rights, a government representative warned.

To establish the possible effects, regarding our individual rights a new post has been created.
The United Kingdom’s first surveillance commissioner issued a cautionary warning to Parliament stressing the advancements that are being made in surveillance technology; we are now at risk of converting the United Kingdom into a ‘Big Brother’ nation.

He warned of a possible hostile response from the general public, unless appropriate changes and controls are adopted to modulate the increasing use of these high definition cameras that have the possibility to recognise facial features and mach them to wanted people, stored on data bases.
Members of the public have not been made aware of the extent that these cameras are being installed and utilised.
Technology has now overtaken the ability to regulate it and was quoted by to one newspaper ‘I am certain that if we do not regularise the use of cameras that are able to store millions of pictures this soon, there could well be a vast public outcry.

It is not all gloom; doubtless there are plusses to such technology. It was reported by the government department dealing with surveillance image acquisition that the figures showed a ninety percent success and it will undoubtedly improve.

A report is expected back to Parliament with any worries about how CCTV and automated license plate identification procedures are being applied.
These concerns were echoed by a civil liberties campaign group. However, the organisation is of the opinion that more power from Parliament is required to crack down on how CCTV is utilised

A civil liberties group emphasised it is absolutely right to warn about the risks of this new technology and its uses.
Will the commission achieve the required results? It is doubtful as the commissioner has been given absolutely no powers to resolve a thing.
‘Specific regulating of surveillance camera requires an individual to have the required powers to scrutinise cameras and their use. And if found that there has been a misuse, to have the power to penalise those violating the law.

If the Home Office is serious about this matter, then the surveillance camera commissioner requires specific exponents to ensure that our privacy is protected.

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