Construction security guards in London (UK)

Why is construction sites at risk?


In the US more than $1 billion worth of construction equipment disappear annually according to estimates which has been made by the U.S. National Insurance Crime Bureau and the same thing also happens in the UK, which is why construction security guards in London is necessary in order to ensure that theft of property is as difficult as possible. Some of the things which is especially attractive to criminals is not only vehicles and equipment but also the precious metal copper and also other electrical components which has been manufactured out of copper. These kinds of criminal activities which involves copper is something which is widespread in other countries also such as South Africa and the US and it results in critical failures of electrical and communication infrastructure and this is why construction security guards in London have to prevent this from happening.

What other challenges is there?


Any construction company which is involved in a large-scale construction project have to continually guard against the theft of electrical components and other equipment. Construction security in London is fully aware of the fact that criminals is seeing construction sites as soft targets which provides them with easy takings compared to armed robbery and other opportunities. Furthermore construction is often taking place in the open and many of them do not have enclosing walls or a proper roof. Construction security in London is often required to secure construction sites which is in remote locations far from law-enforcement establishments and other infrastructure. Such a construction site have valuable supplies such as copper wire which can easily be sold for a lot of money and the movement of this metal is not easy to track.

What can be done?


The security of the average construction site in London provides many challenges and this is why construction security in London have to really know what they are doing in order to ensure maximum security. This is why they have to be well-trained individuals who knows exactly what to do in order to ensure the security of those sites for which they are responsible. Another problem is the fact that most construction sites uses equipment which does not carry any markings such as serial numbers and this is why such equipment will always be attractive to criminals because there is a minimal risk but the potential rewards can be very profitable. This is why construction security in London need to do everything possible in order to ensure that criminals will not succeed.





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