Construction security in London (UK)

What is the first step?

The first step in ensuring a high level of construction security in London, will always be access control. The reasoning behind this concept, is that only people who have valid reasons to enter those premises should be allowed to enter while everyone else is kept outside and if this is done properly then that Corporation or business will already be reasonably secured. However excellent access control will only be effective if there is a well maintained perimeter around that Corporation or business, which will be successful in keeping criminals outside while also protecting employees of the Corporation or business. Construction security in London rely very heavily on perimeters and frequent patrols is done in order to ensure that the perimeter has not been breached by criminal elements.

How does security operate?

Construction security in London does not operate in the same way as law enforcement. With law-enforcement and the local police, complaints is received from citizens and those complaints is then investigated, before the appropriate action could be taken against those perpetrators of illegal activities. This is not exactly the way in which construction security in London operate, because they are known as a preventive measure. Through their visible presence they will do everything possible to discourage criminals from engaging in illegal activities. Therefore construction security in London will always be as visible as possible, you will see them at the access gate, and you will see them on patrol and they will take every reasonable measure to deter criminals and to prevent them from targeting that construction site. If criminal activity does take place, then security guards have failed in their primary duty.

Who qualifies?

Until very recently, many people have made their own decisions as far as security guards is concerned and many people have used security guards without any formal training or experience. This has led to many problems in the security industry and this is why the SIA has been formed in order to ensure that all security companies comply with UK legislation and that all of them are providing a minimum level of security to their clients. All construction security in London officers are now required to register with the SIA and they have to comply with the guidelines of that organization. When only registered security companies and security officers is used, businesses and individuals know that the services which is provided will always be adequate and effective.

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