Construction Site Security

Security company One Staff Solutions understands exactly how unprotected building sites are once you and your workers depart for the day, the last thing you will want is to be having doubts regarding the security of your materials, tools and machinery and if it likely to still in the morning. We know precisely what is required to ensure this.

With valuable gear, tools and materials frequently left unsupervised, building sites constitute the ideal chance for thieves and vandals to enter your site and remove valuable materials. Or vandals causing untold damage. Building site can also be a hazard for any children that may enter and use it as a playground.

Selecting us as for your construction site security measures you’ll be able to relax secure knowing you’re keeping your site protected so that your valuable materials and equipment will not be vandalised or stolen.

Depending on the size of your site and its location there are various methods we would such as access control, gatehouse duties, mobile units and surveillance system, which could be operable throughout the night, when you site is most susceptible.

A well planned and tailored scheme for your particular site is  all important; assuring your personnel and customers and authorised visitors are secure during working hours and your materials and equipment are not left insecure when  you  leave after work hours. Security guards on any construction site are so essential. Of course their primary duty is to secure and protect. But should any other emergency arise, you can rest assured that you will have so very experienced officers there to assist in any way they can.

You above anyone else are aware of the cost of materials and especially; lead and copper. A particular concern for many builders and construction companies is the pilfering of tools, cable, copper tubing and fittings. Not to mention Expensive machinery these are all targeted by criminals. In a world of economic downturn, there is nothing more vital than getting value for your money during these difficult financial times, where each pound spent needs to be returned showing a profit. And not be lost through pilfering. One Staff Solutions understands this.

Many of our security officers are able to multi-task, meaning that they are conversant with many roles in protecting your site. This is because we encourage all our officers to widen their scope by training and gaining experience in various capacities, thereby allowing us to minimise the amount of experienced personnel required to keep your site secure. Of course these savings are passed on to our clients; as can be seen in our very competitive rates.

Our service to you is flexible; we are able to adapt them to match the requirements of any building establishment. Bearing this in mind, do not allow your site unprotected from vandals and criminals wishing to damage and steal your livelihood. Instead protect your building site and place its security in the hands and expertise of One Staff Solutions. Construction is your business, ours is security.

Put the trust into a security company that you will become to depend upon. We will never concede in the protection of your staff or visitors.  Choose One Staff Solutions today, we promise to surpass your expectations time and time again. We will make it our business to protect yours.

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