Corporate security in London (UK)

Why do people commit crimes?


Corporate security in London encounters criminals of all colors, age groups, sizes and different shapes and some of these is only petty offenders while others can be extremely violent but when each of these cases is investigated objectively one finds that there are some common traits that motivates each one of these criminals. The criminal mind has been under investigation for a very long time and this has led to some interesting and also somewhat shocking discoveries. This is how they have managed to discover that there is a part of the brain called the amygdala which deals with things such as aggression, social interaction and also fear and this part of the brain is always involved when it comes to things like crime. Corporate security in London have to remain vigilant at all times to keep people and property safe.

What has been discovered by researchers?


Researchers have made use of neuroimaging and this has allowed them to discover that a male person in his middle 20s with a significantly smaller amygdala volume will be a lot more likely candidate for violence, aggression and other antisocial behavior. Whatever research may show corporate security in London still have to do everything in their ability to ensure that crimes does not take place? Further studies which has been done by highly reputable scientists indicates that amygdala functioning and not only just the size of this organ may also be limited especially among people with psychopathic tendencies. Understanding of basic psychology of criminals can help corporate security in London to prepare themselves better for encounters with criminals.

Is crime preventable?


At seems that the answer to that question is affirmative because deficits in the amygdala could be detected long before people actually start to commit crimes. The fact remains that corporate security in London often encounter criminals in the line of duty and they have to take every possible precaution to ensure that criminals do not succeed. In studies on children it was determined that those children who has a greater resistance against the emotion of fear were often the ones who committed criminal activities. This kind of research could be done from 3 years of age and it could accurately predict what could be expected from that young child 20 years further into the future. There can be no doubt that knowing which people are suspect could really help corporate security in London to do their work more effectively.




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