Corporate security managers in London

What is the main responsibilities of such a person?

To be a corporate security manager will require strict adherence to very high standards and it will require such a manager to carefully consider all of the varied options, risks and logistics which together will ensure a secure corporate property that are adequately protected against all possible situations. The first responsibility of such a corporate security manager will always be their personnel. Although security personnel are there to secure the corporate premises and the safety of corporate employees every attempt should be made to also ensure the safety of the security personnel. It is only those corporate security managers who has been involved in an armed robbery where their personnel has been attacked and held hostage for over two hours under difficult conditions that will be able to appreciate the responsibility which is carried by corporate security managers. I was in that position once and it gives a security manager a new perspective on the responsibility which they have towards their personnel.

There are many in accurate assumptions regarding security

There are even CEOs of corporations which will constantly demand the highest possible standard of security without ever pausing to consider what they are asking. At the end of the day the responsibility for security personnel will rest on the shoulders of the corporate security manager and they will be responsible in a court of law for any harm which has fallen upon their personnel while those people were under their management. This requires such a corporate security manager to carefully weight all these options before responding to a possible threat situation. Under the security contract they have a responsibility towards the corporate client but under the laws of the nation as well as regulations within the security industry they also have a responsibility towards their personnel and every effort has to be met to ensure the safety of those people.

How is all these responsibilities managed?

Corporate security managers should be adequately trained in all aspects of their profession and also in all aspects relating to personnel management and how far they should go in ensuring the safety of the corporate premises without placing their personnel in harm’s way. The reality is that the value of human life should always be considered more valuable than property or other corporate assets. Anyone demanding more than that should be prosecuted in a court of law.

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