Councils Cut Back on CCTV Budge

Statistics obtained from councils nationwide, establish that 20% across the United Kingdom has been pressured to cut back the amount of Close Circuit TV cameras installed since 2010.
Information received by Labour MP Gloria de Piero under a Freedom of Information request. It showed that 209 from a total of 326 local governments in England replied and established the diminishing numbers of public space CCTV cameras across England since the last General Election.
The statistics demonstrated that Craven District Council had most forceful of the cuts and now has zero CCTV cameras within its boundaries! Falling from seven in 2010.
Trafford Council also has experienced a 53% reduction in cameras with 130 being de-commissioned from its network since 2010, although Blackpool Council has lost almost one-half of its ‘public-facing’ CCTV network – scaling down from 151 to only 79! Bolsover District Council and Havant Borough Council filled out the top five camera cuts, dropping down from 91 to 51 and 72 to 47 respectively.
Ms de Piero, the shadow Home Affairs minister, stated to a leading newspaper that “worryingly” the cuts backs in council CCTV totals follow reduction in the number of policemen and follows at a time while local government are forced into making huge cuts in expenditure in order to meet the budgets.
“CCTV is a indispensable tool in fighting crime and Central Government is making a difficult situation even harder for communities and local authorities to use and install CCTV. “

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