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Detectives are usually associated with the world-famous Colombo, Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot or comissioner Maigret. So who are the modern detectives and what cases do they investigate nowadays?

It is a myth that detectives work only in one particular region.
Private detective services are high in demand in any region or country. The market for detective services is wide which means that very often a private detective being in London receives an enquiry, for example, from the USA and carries it out in Africa. Framework for action for detectives is not something static. That’s why thinking that detectives are based in one particular area is wrong.

What are the most common problems people apply with?

It is not possible to point out the most common problem people apply with. The range of human problems is very wide. Although there is a popular belief that a private detective is a first ‘helper’ in investigating infidelity, the search for missing people is more common. The cases are varied from funny to tragic ones. Yesterday we received an order to find a person who disappeared in mysterious circumstances about half a year ago. It is a real tragedy for the family and we will do everything we possibly can no matter how difficult the case is.

What cases do you not help with as a matter of principle?

In general, we do not take the cases which contravene the UK Law or the law of the country where we have to conduct investigation. There is no need to comment on the fact that we do not help with any cases regarding law-enforcement officers, officials from security agencies, and other fiscal agencies (including members of their families).

Which case was the most interesting in your practical experience?

From the standpoint of moral satisfaction from the result, there was a case to find children who have been missing for 2 weeks. The mother’s eyes when you finally find her children are a great reward for our work.
In general, each case is interesting and unique in its own way.

What is included in the detective’s price and what does it depend on?

Price for our services depends on many factors. They are investigation complexity, its length, the amount of people involved in work and finally the working region.
Anyway, the price is divided into 2 parts: expense side and so-called fee for work. Expense side includes travel expenses, transport costs, payment for work of colleagues involved in the case and other expenses which should be reported about by a detective to a client. Fee for work is what a detective earns for his job. It is worth paying attention to the fact that many clients visiting a detective think that it takes only a couple of hours to work on something to achieve a result. It is also important to know that private detective services are not cheap as their job is very specific and hard and sometimes requires working day and night in any weather conditions.

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