Does Your Business Require Construction Site Security?

Being responsible for the welfare of your employees and contractors on your building site and maintaining it security can become a real nightmare these days; with so much crime and vandalism prevalent everywhere. It’s not surprising that now many building site owners are seeking professional security companies to watch and guard their personnel.

Perhaps you feel that your site does not require an external company to be engaged to protect it. But have you thought it maybe a good idea to have an experienced and professional assessment made as to the risk of criminality occurring whilst the site is closed and all but maybe one ‘watchman’ is present; who may or mat not stay awake all night. One Staff Solutions will submit a detailed assessment report pointing out the risks and vulnerabilities of your site.

Protection methods of building sites differ in each location; and each client or site has differing requirements. For this reason you should engage an experienced security company with local knowledge to maintain security and protection of your construction site security.

There are many reasons why you ought to earnestly consider experienced, professional and skilled building site security guards and how engaging construction site security guards can be beneficial to your business.

We Deter Crime
Apart from theft the next problematic issues is of vandals being able to enter your site causing untold damage; which takes valuable time and money to rectify. One Staff Solutions are able to install relatively inexpensive surveillance cameras to monitor the complete site. In addition our mobile guards patrol the complete site periodically; which gives the visual deterrent against criminal acts.

Health and Safety
On construction sites nothing is more important than maintaining health and safety practises. All of One Staff Solutions security  guards are fully trained to meet our extremely high standards; they are conversant with all the health and safety requirements and are able to assist in maintaining them; helping to create a safe work place for staff and sub-contractors. Being on site continuously, they are able and capable to assist in all emergencies that may arise during working hours or when the site has closed. Our construction site security services are customised to the demands and requisites of your business.

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