Door man tips in London (UK)

What is the correct procedure?

The first question which comes to mind when thinking about doorman tips in London is whether this person is merely a doorman or are they also functioning as a security officer which may be responsible for access control to that premises. The function of a doorman a something which has a very long history in the UK and most people have come to accept the fact that these people do a noble and a necessary job and therefore they deserve the compensation which comes their way. Doorman tips in London is therefore acceptable if the primary purpose of that person is only to assist people who are visiting that establishment but in the event that such a doorman is also responsible for security then there is also the very real risk of corruption where technically illegal favors is done for a reward.

What should be done?

The establishment where such a doorman is employed should take steps to manage that situation as effectively as possible. They could request that all donations and tips be placed in a box which has been provided for that specific purpose and this can then be used for the Christmas function at the end of the year. When it comes to doorman tips in London the establishment may not wish to offend visitors by putting up notices that the doorman in London tips is not allowed. Therefore a doorman which is also employed as security at that establishment should be aware of the position of that establishment as far as doorman tips in London is concerned. When there is an effective management system in place regarding the issue of doorman tips in London then a lot off unnecessary problems can be prevented.

What is the duties of a doorman?

Generally they are the first person which visitors will see when they come to a particular establishment and they may be required to open motor vehicle doors and to assist especially older people. They can also help to carry the luggage of visitors into the establishment and once again if they are merely doormen a tip of gratitude is totally acceptable. But like we already said the issue of doorman tips in London changes completely when that doorman also functions as a security officer who will be responsible for access control and a whole range of other security related duties.

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