Door supervisors in London (UK)

What is their function?


There are many duties expected from the typical door supervisor in London but mostly they are responsible to assist people who come to their establishments in any way possible as long as the request of that person is reasonable and does not contradict established rules and the laws of the country. However the custom of tipping door supervisors in London often lead to a situation where such a person is accorded with additional benefits which may not be readily available to a person who does not tip just as much. When there is money on the table most people forsake common sense and morality and therefore it should come as no surprise that Scripture says, the love of money is the root of all evil.

What is the risk to security?


When favors to customers becomes more important than sensible security measures then it should be quite obvious that such a door supervisor in London is no longer functioning in the way which is described in their job description? When they compromise well-established rules and regulations for financial rewards then this can become a very big problem for the establishment where such a door supervisor in London is employed. This is exactly why there needs to be very clear guidelines when it comes to the issue of tipping and it will be better to keep to those rules rigorously in order to avoid negative consequences. Most establishments in London will allow tipping but where the job of door supervisor in London merges with the responsibility of a security officer then financial rewards can become a serious problem and security can suffer.

What can be done?


In those situations where door supervisors in London function only as a door supervisor and someone else is responsible for security then the concern relating to tipping should not be a big issue. However where the door supervisor in London is also responsible to maintain security on the premises then it will be best to have very specific guidelines in place regarding issues such as financial rewards because this can lead to a situation where this people are tempted to bend the rules for visitors who are extremely open handed as far as tipping is concerned. The problem with these types of financial rewards is that people will always expect something in return and this can lead to serious problems as far as security is concerned.

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