Door supervisors in London (UK)

What is the duties of door supervisors?

Door supervisors in London will be responsible for the safety of customers in various places such as nightclubs, bars and other places of entertainment. At a relatively small establishment door supervisors may work alone, but it can also happen that they work in groups and when this situation applies, communication is very important and therefore two-way radios is often used in order to ensure that information can be shared instantly. Door supervisors in London is a very important function and because of this, this is now a regulated industry which falls under the oversight of the SIA and this organization is now responsible to issue licenses for door supervisors in London and for the companies by whom they are employed. This ensures that everyone is accountable for their actions at all times.

Who qualifies as a door supervisor?

The minimum age for door supervisors in London is 18 years and before application is done for this position the person must first be registered with the SIA after some basic training has been completed which will qualify the applicant to perform their duties as a door supervisor in London. Any person who are employed in this important position without SIA registration is making themselves guilty of a felony and this can lead to prosecution and this will also apply to the company by whom they are employed. The SIA has been formed specifically to ensure a minimum level of security to anyone who is making use of security officers in the UK and therefore they will only issue licenses to people who have the necessary skills and who have also completed a basic security training course and furthermore such a person should not have any criminal record.

How to obtain the necessary training?

Every person working as a door supervisor in London should know that SIA registration has become compulsory in 2007 and it is only issued after the necessary training has been completed. Everything has been made as simple and convenient as possible for everyone who desires to be employed in this industry. Therefore there are now a whole range of options available as far as training is concerned and there is even distance learning courses available for those who may not have access to a local training center. The training to become a door supervisor in London can be completed in only four days where after two exams has to be passed before a person can register with the SIA.


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