Door supervisors in London (UK)

Why is this necessary?

Besides the obvious security related aspects of these people’s job description, door supervisors in London is also a very old tradition in the city of London and elsewhere in the UK. Although they will be required to do access control and to ensure that unwanted characters is kept outside of those establishments where they are working, they are also very valuable as hosts for the establishment where they are working. Therefore they will be required to assist people who come to their establishment by carrying suitcases and otherwise supporting people, especially older visitors in order to ensure that these people are taken care of as effectively as possible. Mostly just as with any other security profession their visible presence will mostly be more than sufficient to discourage possible criminal activities.

Hospitality or security?

The fact is that in many cases door supervisors in London are responsible for two distinct jobs at the same time, the one being security and the other being a kind of hospitality host. In most cases the hospitality part will be most important since a friendly approach to guests coming to the establishment will be very important in order to ensure absolute customer satisfaction. However the hospitality part should by no means overshadow the security part of their jobs and it will sometimes be necessary to remain frankly and yet firm when it comes to critical issues which could lead to problems for that establishment. Certain guests will always try to push their luck and to ask for favors which is not allowed and this will require door supervisors in London which can stand their ground regardless of the pressure.

What about tips?

There is a long-standing tradition in the city that door supervisors in London be tipped for their friendly assistance and where the door supervisor is only a door supervisor and not responsible for security, then in most cases there is no problem with receiving financial rewards. The problem with door supervisors in London that is also responsible for security is that this could leave them in a very difficult situation. Certain guests may gave the door supervisor a lot of money with the expectation that they are now eligible for extra favors which will not be available to other guests. This can quickly turn into corruption and the security of that establishment can suffer because of this and that is why the issue of financial rewards must be handled with wisdom in order to avoid unnecessary problems.

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