Doorman tips in London (UK)

What does tipping suggest?


Basically when someone is giving a tip to a doorman it is out of gratitude for service which was rendered but doorman tips in London can also have other very negative connotation. When large tips is being given they could develop an expectation on the part of the giver that they now have earned the right to all kinds of privileges and benefits which is not readily available to other residents or visitors to an establishment. Doorman tips in London which is very large could place the doorman under an obligation to the giver where they will find it very difficult to refuse any request by the giver and this could lead to corruption and other things which is actually a compromise of existing rules in that establishment.

What should be done?


The police services of most countries forbid their members to receive cash payments from the public and when such an officer is discovered when they break the rules this could lead to serious consequences. Just like with doorman tips in London financial rewards to law enforcement officers could potentially lead to many problems because it actually binds the hands of the legal system making things significantly easier for criminals which results in an increasing burden upon the economy. This is why the issue of doorman tips in London should be handled with care to ensure that it does not lead to a situation where an existing rules is compromised thereby allowing visitors to that establishment to get away with things which is against the rules of that establishment and which could therefore potentially cause injury to others.

What is the solution?


The issue of doorman tips in London is something which is specifically addressed during the training of doormen and they are taught that it will be a felony to receive any form of financial reward from a visitor because when such a pattern becomes established this can quickly lead to serious problems both for the doorman and for the establishment where they are employed. At certain high level establishments the management may not wish to offend visitors who wish to give doorman tips in London and therefore they may implement the rule that all such tips should be handed over to management and it is then mostly use for the annual Christmas party or other similar events such as birthday parties for employees.

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