Doorman tips in London

To tip or not to tip

How should the issue of doorman tips in London be approached? There are lots of uncertainty among visitors to places where a doorman are on duty and whether the services rendered by such a doorman deserves additional compensation or not. The short answer is that this will depend upon the nature or the capacity in which such a doorman has been employed. If such a doorman are in the employment of a hotel then this practice are relatively harmless and are actually motivating the doorman to be more helpful and diligent. Should such a doorman be in the employment of a security company this will change the situation completely since this doorman are now having a responsibility towards maintaining the security of that hotel and they have a responsibility to remain impartial and neutral and in order to accomplish that they should not be compromised by receiving additional compensation which may place them in the debt of people who may later demand a favor in return. This could severely compromise that doorman and may disqualify him from executing his duties in a professional manner.

Coming to an agreement

When such a doorman is employed the issue of doorman tips should be specifically discussed and it should be clearly stipulated what is allowed and what isn’t. This will eliminate any uncertainty afterwards and will help to avoid a situation where the overall security of a property is compromised. Doorman tips in London is something which goes back for centuries and therefore the practice of tipping these people has become very much a part of the history and culture of London and also many other global locations. In most circumstances these practices are harmless and are merely an expression of a very old ritual which are firmly molded into the very fabric of London. It is no longer something which has to be consciously decided but rather tipping in a doorman in London has become second nature to most people and they do so without conscious thought.

Finding a solution

Even though a doorman in London may be doubling as a security officer it may not be entirely wise for them to refuse compensation from guests because in many instances such a refusal may be interpreted as an insult. However to keep a balance between adequate security and the feelings of hotel visitors it may be agreed between doorman in London and their employees that all tips which are received goes into a container which has been obtained for that purpose and that all money in that container are distributed equally between all the doorman which had been working during a particular shift. This will avoid a situation where corruption might take place which could have a detrimental impact upon the overall security of the premises.

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