Doormen in London (UK)

Why does this people do?


A doorman in London also sometimes known as a bouncer or a door supervisor is an individual which is mostly employed at places such as nightclubs, concerts, bars and their responsibility will be to ensure that only people who are of legal age will be allowed to enter. They will have complete authority from the manager or owner of that establishment to refuse entry to anyone who is obviously in a state of intoxication or anyone who is acting in such a way so that they are becoming a threat to other people on the premises because of unnecessary aggression or other negative actions. Doormen in London is often used at venues where there is a lot of people present and where there is also a lot of alcohol consumption.

What about criminal threats?


Doormen in London will also be used in areas where there is a strong possibility of criminal behavior or the presence of gangs. There has been many problems relating to doormen in London not only in the UK but also in other countries where these doormen is often taken to court because of excessive violence in the line of duty. Because of these problems the SIA now demand that all doormen in London receive at least basic training in order to ensure that they know the prescriptions of the laws of the UK and all of these doormen have to be registered with the SIA who will investigate all occurrences of excessive force and will take the necessary action against those offenders. The SIA will do background checks which will include criminal checks in order to see whether these people have any criminal record.

When did problems start?


It was in the late 1990s that the problems surrounding excessive force among doormen in London has started to come to the attention of the proper authorities. Increasingly more lawsuits was filed against this people and this has been clearly showing the need to have this people properly trained. Some of the skills that doormen in London learn during the training is the art of communication and how to resolve conflicts. Excessive force can only be used as a very last resort. Unfortunately in the early days a lot of things happened which gave the profession a bad name and many problems have been encountered but a lot has already been done by the SIA and other government organizations to turn this situation around.




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