Doormen in London (UK)

What does the position involve?


Doormen in London is used by most businesses who are operating in the hospitality industry all over the UK and the primary purpose of this people is to assist visitors to those establishment’s in any way possible in order to ensure that they have anything which they may need in order to ensure ultimate comfort and anything else to make their stay as pleasurable as possible. Therefore the moment when any visitor arrive at such an establishment the first person which they will mostly meet will be doormen in London and such a doorman will carry their luggage and help them in any other way to become comfortable with in such a hotel, spa or other related business. People especially in the UK has become quite used to the attention of doormen.

What about security?


It often happens especially at smaller establishment that the job of doormen in London and the job of security officer is done by one person only and this can complicate matters considerably and therefore such a person will have to be well-trained and they should have received at least basic security training and also some training in the hospitality industry in order to ensure that they are able to perform both functions at adequate levels. The problem is that doormen in London have the primary purpose to assist visitors to their establishments in any way possible and sometimes it requires them to perform duties which is not completely compatible with the job description of a security officer and this can lead to a very conflicting situation as far as security is concerned.

What can be done?


In order to manage this considerable conflict it will be very important that a detailed job description is available for doormen in London which will specify exactly what their duties as doormen in London is and also what their duties as security officers are because only then will all confusion be eliminated and will these professionals be able to do their jobs in such a way that security is not compromised. Nevertheless it will not benefit that hotel or other hospitality industry business if security is too strict and this becomes a problem to the point where visitors no longer feels welcome at this hotel and doormen in London can no longer provide the services which is expected of them.

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