Doormen in London (UK)

What is required?

Upmarket hotels and other entertainment establishments in London is taking the issue of doormen in London very seriously. Therefore many large hotels which is looking to employ a doorman, are often looking for a person who are able to take responsibility for all security and also safety issues. All of this has to be done in accordance with accepted guidelines and procedures and also within the framework of UK legislation. The complete protection of people and property on the premises will always be one of the primary responsibilities of doorman in London. Such a person should be trained and experienced so that they are able to deal with all common threats such as fire, bomb threats and all other health and safety issues. This is exactly why basic security training has become so important in the last couple of years.

What doormen should do?

Doormen in London should be actively involved in implementing all of the protective and preventive measures which are determined to be important in order to ensure the complete safety of everyone on the premises at all times. Every attempt has to be made to avoid any personal injury or other losses and close attention should be paid to occupational health issues because any of these situations could reflect very poorly on the image and reputation of the hotel or entertainment establishment where the doormen in London is employed. Absolutely all health and safety breaches should be investigated as quickly as possible and feedback should be provided to the appropriate authorities. Doormen in London should be advocates of health and safety and they should ensure an awareness of all these issues among all employees and residents.

What about training?

Anyone who is interested in the position of doormen in London, should by now have at least an idea of what exactly is required and also why at least basic security training is critically important as a well as an adequate understanding of the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry has changed significantly over the last decade or two and this requires doormen in London to have all of the necessary training and experience to deal with all of the issues which may be encountered during the execution of their duties. Because security is integral part of the jobs of a doorman all such individuals have to be registered with the SIA, which is the governing body for the entire security industry in the UK.

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