Duties of UK security guards

What security should do?


The duties of UK security guards is to respond when any criminal actions is observed or when any violence is seen and in these situations they are expected and they also trained to intervene. But even more than that security guards should do everything possible to prevent criminal actions from taking place at all. Therefore the duty of UK security guards is to act as a deterrent against any form of criminality and they should be watchful for any possible danger and they should immediately report any suspicious behavior which is observed or encountered. Therefore the primary duty of UK security guards is to prevent bad things from happening and they do this primarily through their visible presence because criminals is unlikely to engage in criminal behavior when they deem the risk to be too high.

How is a building secured?


The duty of UK security guards will be to constantly be on the watch for anything that may cause unnecessary harm, such as damage to property or injury to persons. In order to do their jobs properly security guard should have excellent hearing, sight and also smell. It will be no use when a cable is burning and the security guard is not able to smell the smoke. Likewise one of the duties of security guards will be to listen for sounds which may be indicating movement where there should be none. Another critical duty of UK security guards will be to accurately interpret any situation which is encountered and because of these above-mentioned requirements it should be clear that any security guard who does not have properly functioning senses will not be able to perform the duties of a security guard properly and effectively.

How to act correctly?


The duty of UK security guards is not simply to take action when the situation demands it but it is important to take the correct action in that particular circumstances. Improper action in a time of crisis will be just as bad as no action at all and one of the duties of UK security guards will be to ensure that they are never caught unawares regardless of the situation. It should also be remembered that any action which is taken should be justified by the level of the threat. This is why security guards must be trained to respond correctly to a wide range of circumstances because only then will they be prepared to provide effective and adequate security services.


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