Event security in London (UK)

What is at stake?


After the Boston attacks, many things have changed as far as the security of the London marathon is concerned and even event security in London officers is carefully selected before they are allowed to work at the London marathon. As could be expected from a responsible government, every effort is made to ensure the complete safety of athletes as well as spectators and in order to accomplish this it is important for the organizers to carefully consider every eventuality which may be encountered. Besides an increased number of event security in London officers, more police officers has also been deployed in order to ensure the complete safety of both people and property. Current security plans is constantly revised and adjusted in order to ensure that there is no room for terrorists or criminals to operate.

What is the facts?


More than 30,000 athletes take part in the London marathon and likewise there is a very large crowd of spectators along the intended route and this is why the logistical planning as far as security is concerned will overwhelm the average person. Thousands of event security in London officers will be used and they will be positioned at strategic places along the route in order to discourage criminals and terrorists from engaging in illegal activities. Many well-known names in athletics circles has been involved in the London marathon over the years and these people is role models to the average young child living in the city. Mostly this influence is very positive and this is why everything possible has to be done by event security in London to prevent terrorist activity.

Who qualifies as event security?


Event security in London officers have to be well-trained individuals, who are disciplined, vigilant and who understands the importance of following orders explicitly. They also should have excellent communication skills so that they can report any problems which are encountered in a clear and precise manner so that assistance can be provided as quickly as possible to the exact point where such assistance is required. Although security is the primary objective and it is important to protect people and property, it is nevertheless important that event security in London officers operate within the confines of the law and that nothing is done which could result in a situation where they themselves are prosecuted, because such a situation will not reflect positively on the London marathon.

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