Event security in London (UK)

What about the London marathon?

Everyone knows about the incident involving bottled water at the London marathon, how perpetrators have carried away a whole crates of bottled water, which was intended for athletes, nevertheless this clearly indicate that there was a weakness in the security system and apparently not enough event security in London officers have been deployed. Even though stealing water is a felony in this country, it could’ve been so much worse. Terrorists could have poisoned that water and dozens of athletes could have died and this could have provided that terrorist organizations with a lot of publicity. Fortunately organizers of the London marathon has realized that their efforts have not been enough and they have promised to be better prepared for the next marathon and apparently more event security in London is going to be used.

What is the situation?

The reality of the matter is that the London marathon is a very large event which involves thousands of participants and even more spectators and this is providing organizers of the event as well as event security in London with a lot of problems, because they are so many things which has to be managed carefully in order to ensure complete security. It is just about impossible to identify possible perpetrators, among so many people especially because there are participants from all different countries, races and cultures and therefore it is not possible to discriminate against anyone because doing so will result in a lot of problems. This is why organizers have to carefully analyze all of the potential risks and they have to ensure that they are deploying a sufficient amount of event security in London officers.

What is the symbology?

The London marathon has become one of the primary expressions of the stability and growth which is enjoyed in this country. Not everyone is pleased with the progress which is made in this country and this is why fanatical organizations such as Isis will not hesitate to embarrass the UK government by targeting the London marathon. Everything possible has to be done by event security in London to prevent this from happening and this is why effective participation between law enforcement the general public and event security in London is so important in order to ensure that one of the greatest events in London does not become a platform which is used to further the ideologies of terrorist organizations.

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