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What motivates criminals?


Event security in London is responsible to protect both people and property at large and small events which is taking place at venues in the city. The anterior cingulate cortex (ACC), is a human organ which has been proven to play a very large role in human behavior and this organ has been linked to criminal tendencies in human beings. In tests which has been done among prisoners it was discovered that those with a lower (ACC) level were twice as likely to commit illegal activities after they had been released from prison. Although scientists acknowledge that more studies is necessary to confirm many of these findings they nevertheless seem to be enough evidence to prove that criminals can be identified before they commit an offense. Knowing which people is likely to commit crimes could really help to make the work of event security in London a lot easier.

What could be done about criminals?


The question that most people would like to ask is since we now know which people are most likely to become a criminal is what has been done so far to use that information in order to ensure a safer society. Most event security in London companies feel that government intervention should occur as early as possible in those people who had been identified. A study was conducted where 3 year old children have been subjected to a program where attention was given to cognitive skills, exercising and also more effective nutrition. Some of the benefits was increased brain functioning and they were less likely to commit criminal activities once they entered their 20s. Government has the capability to make an impact on the criminal landscape thereby making the work of event security in London a lot simpler.

What else could be done?


In another study it has been found that pregnant women with a low income who received a lot of counseling where in issues such as education, parenting and health was discussed was a lot less likely to have teenage children who got into trouble with the law at some future stage. This is encouraging especially for event security in London because with preventive programs the threat which is produced by criminal elements is reduced substantially. In another study prisoners was subjected to a 10 week yoga class which made a lot of difference to their social behavior. In another study prisoners were given essential fatty acid supplements, as well as various vitamins and minerals and this likewise led to a significant decrease in criminal actions. All of these things is incredibly interesting and it clearly shows that a lot could be done to manage criminal behavior among people of all ages and cultures. Event security in London fully supports all of this research.



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