Event security in London (UK)

How big is the risk?


Event security in London is fully aware of the fact that terrorism poses a real threat to any major event taking place in the city of London. In the last couple of decades terrorists have stuck at several large events all over the planet, sending a clear message that they will not hesitate to destroy and maim people as long as their objectives can be reached. Even the Olympics is not exempt when it comes to terrorist attacks. Everyone still remember 1972 when a Palestinian militant group known as Black September took many members of the Israeli national team hostage and this action resulted in the death of 11 athletes after they had been held hostage for 16 hours. Event security in London have to do everything possible to prevent such a situation from taking place.

What has to be done?


Event security in London have to do everything in their power to prevent a situation such as the one which took place in Atlanta in 1997 from taking place again. At this event a man by the name of Eric Rudolph detonated a bomb which led to the death of two people and in the same incident more than hundred others were injured. This man is still in prison where he is serving four life sentences without the possibility of parole. Also his actions did not succeed because the Olympics still went on just as planned. The above examples clearly show the situation as far as terrorism and major events is concerned and this is why event security in London have to do absolutely everything in their ability to ensure the safety of people and property.

What about attacks on own soil?


In 1997 the Grand National which is England’s most famous horse race could not go ahead after two bomb threats were received. According to investigations there is a strong possibility that the IRA was involved and this resulted in the evacuation of 60,000 spectators out of the Stadium among which was Princess Ann. This is just another reason why event security in London have to do everything possible to ensure total security at all major events throughout the UK. Although this major racing event took place 48 hours later, the crowd of spectators was significantly smaller and many people were inconvenienced. This is why event security in London is necessary in order to ensure that major events in the city of London are secured as effectively as possible.




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