Expert commentary. Close protection:

A bodyguard is considered to be a guard of the body. It is a person whose responsibilities include keeping a person safe and sound. Sounds quite official, doesn’t it? However, there are reasons for that. Life, health and safety of the client depend on the quality of the bodyguard’s work.

What is a close protection?

The aim of close protection is to guarantee the client’s safety, in other words, to prevent a protected person from any physical offence or to suppress it immediately.

‘Bodyguard – hired killer’ opposition is always a competition. Competition where life is a prize and where there is only one winner. It is a rivalry of sword and shield. The weapon of a hired killer is suddenness and free choice of method of killing a person.

The close protection team should put high quality professional training and unpredictability of actions up against it.

It is really hard to react to this or that irritant reflexively. However, working well as a team is even more difficult. Team work skills are very important in the job of bodyguard.

Why do you need a bodyguard?
In recent years we have got used to the fact that mass media reports a new contact murder almost every day.  It is an interesting fact that, according to the chronology of contact murders, the percentage of these cases solved is only 1.5% of the total number.

The most common cases of contact murder are when the person comes out of/in their home, office, car during their usual route.

It is important to know that a bodyguard who ensures safety of a protected person has only 1 to 1.5 seconds to react. If a bodyguard is busy carrying their boss’s suitcase or walking with his pet, he won’t be able to react or even see the danger. That’s why it is worth asking yourself a question why you need a bodyguard before hiring him: whether it is a matter of image, street crime protection or averting a real assassination attempt.
If your aim is to create an image, it is worth paying attention to the appearance of a bodyguard. An impressive, good-looking and well-mannered man will be quite suitable. One well-trained bodyguard will be fine for security from street crime and hooligans. A bodyguard should do only his job and shouldn’t be distracted by doing tasks which are not included in his responsibilities. A well-trained group of bodyguards is needed when there is a real risk of assassination.

What are the responsibilities of a bodyguard?

According to tasks set for a protection team, it is possible to make a list of its functions:
Safety Check of the places which are usually visited by a client;
Safety Check of the routes used by a client;
Monitoring any changes around the venues usually used by a client;
Patrolling any changes of the routes usually used by  a client;
Safety check of the places once visited by a client;
Escorting the client in all their moves.

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