Female body guards in London (UK)

Isn’t this a male job?


Female body guards in London is no longer a strange phenomenon but rather they are becoming increasingly popular not only among female celebrities but also among males celebrities because they are able to do some things and they have access to some things and places which male bodyguards simply don’t have. Besides the notion that females is weak and incapable of violence is simply not true and there is more than enough evidence all through history to prove that females are capable of just about everything that males are capable of and they have the added advantage that people simply do not expect them to have this capabilities and this is why female body guards in London can be used very effectively in a whole range of special situations.

How should females be used?


Just think about the typical female celebrity, whether she is a singer or actress. This celebrity will spend a large percentage of her day in dressing rooms and other typical female environments to which male bodyguards will not have access. This means that while the female celebrity is in that dressing room she is potentially vulnerable because assassins is not only male, there is a large number of female assassins. Such a female assassin could easily gain entry to the dressing room, do the hit and disappear quietly while the male bodyguards is standing outside the dressing room door. This is why female body guards in London is often included in a bodyguard team in order to ensure that they are able to make provision for every eventuality. Such a team is more balanced and better prepared.

What should be done?


Female body guards in London is still subjected to very strict scrutiny and they mostly have to provide some form of proof that they are capable of providing protection. Therefore at least some form of martial arts or other self-defense competence will be necessary before that female body guards will be approved. People tend to forget that females have other special skills which is not available to a male person and which can often be used with extraordinary success in a whole range of special situations. An increasing number of bodyguard companies is now making use of female body guards in London in the first place because there is a demand for them and in the second place because of the many benefits which they are bringing to this important profession.

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